Saturday, October 17, 2009

Malaysia - A Chinese Wedding

Most of my Chinese friends are already married and those not married have destined themselves to die single or are leading a secret life - whatever that means. I never took any photographs when my Chinese friends got married, which I have deep regrets. Many of my married friends have kids but to young to marry for me to have an opportunity for a photo shoot.

Except for the Christians, many of my Chinese friends who are Buddhist, Taoist or not belonging to any faith went through a civil ceremony instead of a traditional Chinese wedding. This would have not been the case at least during my father's generation but times have changed. Nevertheless, there would always be the wedding reception for invited guests after the civil ceremony.

Yang and His New Wife at the Wedding Reception
Groom and Bride's Familes
Guests at the Wedding Reception

Selangor, Malaysia - Petaling Jaya's Bukit Gasing

Bukit (Hill) Gasing, in Petaling Jaya, is an oasis of greenery in the city covering an area of about 100 hectares (250 acress). The hill was once a rubber plantation about 50 years ago but then left idle. Over the decades, mother nature took its course turning what once a plantation into forest.

There a number of trails passing through the forest in Bukit Gasing. I have always the jungle since my army days and occassionally would take one of the trails leading through the forest. Don't expect any tigers or elephants here but expect a few blood thirsty leaches and mosquitoes.

Path Leading to the Forest in Bukit Gasing
The Forest in Bukit Gasing

Lizard in the Forest

Passing Through Thick Forest
Stream Passing Through the Forest

Selangor, Malaysia - More Photos of Petaling Jaya

I have a couple of photos of Petaling Jaya but then if I show too many photos of this place in subsequent posts would make a number of readers yawn! After all, Petaling Jaya has never claimed itself as a tourist destination in Malaysia. So I will stop sending posts about Petaling Jaya after this and continue about this city I live in sometime in the future.

Street Cobler in Petaling Jaya

Uptown - Petaling Jaya's Newer Area
Old Movie Theatre Showing Mostly Indian Movies
An Older Area of Petaling Jaya